12/22/19 Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

December 22, 2019

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Don Giffin at 1:00 pm.

Reading and Approval of Minutes

A motion was then made by Dennis Boger, seconded by Bill Castilow, to approve the December 8, 2019 meeting minutes as sent by e-mail. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report.

Our next two Board meetings on January 5 and January 12 are the last two meetings that count for meeting credit in Ohio. The deadline for meetings to count in Ohio is January 20.

The Board meetings on February 2 and February 16 count only for West Virginia. A registered official in Ohio needs to attend at least 4 local Board meetings each year. If you do not attend 4 meetings this year you will be suspended in Ohio for the 2020-21 basketball season. There is a meeting of the WVO Board (Steubenville-Weirton) on January 19 at 1 pm. This meeting is in Follansbee at the Theta Chi Alpha Fraternity on Main St.

Wayne Ogilbee and myself are meeting after the first of the new year with Mike Potts, the Secretary of the WVO Board, who will help us implement voting on-line for the top 23 boys and girls officials in Ohio.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the checking account is $3.959.69. This total included two deposits of $30 from the 50/50 drawing at the December 8 meeting and $40 dues from one new member. There were 3 expenses: $150 donation each to the Bridgeport boys’ and girls’ basketball teams in appreciation for the use of their facilities for Board meetings and Board training class meetings and $1,170 to10-42 Tactical for 39 pullovers at $30 each.

The Board flower fund balance is $500.81. There were no expenses and one deposit – a generous donation of $75 from Board member Bob Montgomery.

Executive Committee Report

There were no Executive Committee meetings held since the last Board meeting on December 8.

Old Business

Don Cash reported that he and Chris Schubert met recently with Fritz Lewton to discuss his donation to the Board’s Sportsmanship winners. The Sportsmanship Awards Committee also met recently to set up guidelines for these awards. Chris Schubert has created a form to be used to rate the schools for the Sportsmanship winners. Comments on schools, both good and bad, can also be e-mailed to Mr. Schubert. One rating per crew can also be submitted. The awards will be given out at the OVAC championship games in February. Only the schools that we assign JV officials for will be eligible to win these awards.

Bryan Gaus passed out the new Board pullovers to members who ordered one. President Giffin thanked Mr. Gaus for all the work he did in the organization and procedure for ordering and purchasing of the pullovers.

New Business

Jim Schmitt said that the WVSSAC is seeking input on how to schedule officials for the expanded state tournaments. President Giffin said that if you have a suggestion on how officials should be scheduled for the state tournament please let him know by the Board meeting on January 5 so that a plan can be submitted to the WVSSAC.

President Giffin said that several changes in the By-Laws ( including social media policy and reinstatement to the board after quitting or retiring ) will be read at the board meeting on January 12.

President Giffin announced that the OHSAA is holding a clinic for tournament officials at 2 pm at Cambridge Middle School on January 26. This clinic is optional.

Assistant OVAC Commissioner, Butch Minkemeyer, said to continue to call technical fouls if warranted. .If you have an ejection of anyone please let him know.

Lower Level Scheduler, Wayne Ogilbee, said that he recently sent our officials to work in the WVO Board area when that Board was short of officials.

Play Situations/Rules Interpretation

Rules Interpreter, Don Cash, led the rules discussion that discussed plays involving the following:

A fumble of the ball by a player who is taking the ball out of bounds or about to shoot a free throw.

Deciding whether a foul on a last second shot occurred before or after the buzzer. And also, a foul on an airborne shooter at the buzzer.

Type of foul to call when there is contact above the shoulder.

A fight in a recent game.


50/50 Drawing

Winner – Sean Hanley - $30. Board share - $30.

Roll Call

There were 54 members and three guests present.


A motion was made by Mark Kerwood, seconded by Jim Gorder, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 1:00 pm at Bridgeport High School

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