Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

February 17, 2019

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Chris Schubert at 4:00 pm. As there are numerous issues to discuss President Schubert asked for a motion to change the meeting agenda. Bob Cain made a motion, seconded by Will Fish, to change the meeting agenda as described in the Board By-Laws. Motion approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Zac Schane, seconded by Jim Gorder, to approve the minutes of the February 3, 2019 meeting as sent by e-mail. Motion approved.

Play Situations/Rules Interpretation

The study of basketball rules should be a year-round process.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Roger Levi reminded Board members that the first date for Board members to remember for next season is May 1, 2019. This is when Board dues of $40 are payable without penalty. After May 1, dues are $60.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the checking account is $3,708.96. This total included one deposit of $21 from the 50/50 drawing at the February 3 meeting and one expense of $23.95 for copier paper and ink and pens. The flower fund remains at $91.59

Executive Committee Report

President Shubert reported that at today’s Executive Committee meeting the following were discussed:

1. Lower Level Scheduler, Bob Gable, gave a summary of Lower Level Scheduling for the past basketball season. Suggestions were offered to improve the scheduling process including

moving some of the parochial league games to Sundays and having schools not play stand alone freshman games.

2. Booking Secretary, Wayne Ogilbee, gave a summary of JV (reserve) scheduling for the past basketball season.

3. Several members were excused, without penalty, from attending this last mandatory meeting due to their work or illness as permitted by our Board by-laws.

4. Don Cash was appointed by the Executive Committee to be the instructor for the training class for the 2019-20 basketball season.

Old Business

President Schubert and President-Elect Giffin described in detail what the proposed Board pull over will look like. Also described was the new Board logo that will be on the pull over.

The cost of the pull over will be $30. A form will be e-mailed to you describing the jacket, cost, and needed size. If you decide to buy one the pull over can be paid for when you pay your board dues.

New Business

President Schubert appointed Bob Narrish to chair the Board Negotiating Committee that will meet in the off season with OVAC officials to discuss a new 4-year contract for officiating fees. President Schubert and Wayne Ogilbee will also serve on this committee. Bob Narrish then spoke at length outlining the Board’s proposals for officiating fees for the next 4 years for the Varsity, JV, and Lower Level. Mr. Narrish stressed that the board’s proposals were summarized after suggestions and input from many Board officials. Board Members then voted to accept Mr. Narrish’s proposals and have them presented to OVAC officials in contract negotiations.President Schubert and Don Cash reported on the new proposed Board web site being constructed by a Bridgeport High School student. This site will be used next year to discuss and describe play situations.Bob Montgomery was presented a plaque and recognized by the Board for his over 50 years officiating experience and service to the Board.The family of former Board member, Phil Lewton was presented a plaque symbolizing his recent selection by the Executive Committee as a Board Honorary Life Member.President -Elect Giffin presented the Officials of the Month Award for February to Sean Hanley and Maclaine Murad. He also presented the Phil Lewton Official of the Year Award as selected by the Executive Committee to Bob Schane. As part of this selection Mr. Schane’s Board dues will be waived for the 2019-20 basketball season. Rob Chavanak of John Marshall High School was chosen by a vote of the Board membership present for the Athletic Director of the Year Award for 2018-19.By a vote of the Board members present, Linsly School was chosen the Boys Sportsmanship winner for the 2018-19 basketball season. By a vote of the Board members present, River High School was chosen the Girls Sportsmanship winner for the 2018-19 basketball season.The following were elected by a vote of the Board members present to serve as officers for the 2019-20 season:

President-Elect – Bob Narrish

Executive Committee (3 year term)– Bryan Gaus

Interpreter – Don Cash

Booking Secretary – Wayne Ogilbee

Lower Level Scheduler – Bob Gabel

Secretary-Treasurer – Roger Levi

Hold over members of the Executive Committee for 2018-19 are: President – Don Giffin;

Past President – Chris Schubert Executive Committee – Michael Lee and Don Hynes.

The Executive Committee, and Wayne Ogilbee, the JV scheduler, recommended that Blaze Amos, Neil Burkett, Hayden Cook, Jamie McKitrick, EJ Schodzinski, and Jeff Stewart be advanced to the OVAC Master Roster. By a vote of the Board members present all except Mr. Burkett were then approved to be advanced to the OVAC Master Roster. A vote was taken by the members present for the top 22 boys and top 22 girls officials in Ohio.Secretary-Treasurer Levi presented plaques to the following members recognizing their service as President of the Ohio Valley Basketball Board

1. Bruce Myers – 2009-10

2. Bob Narrish - 2010-11

3. Bryan Gaus - 2011-12

4. Butch Minkemeyer – 2013-14

5. Don Cash -2015-16

6. Jerry Adkins – 2017-18

7. Chris Schubert -2018-19

OVAC Commissioner , Ron White, OVAC Executive Secretary and Tom Rataiszak spoke concerning matters that involve Board officials and the OVAC. Both thanked Board officials for their service to the OVAC. Mr. White also stressed that he works for the OVAC not our Board, when accepting games whether they be varsity, JV, or lower level follow the proper procedures, and contrary to rumors he is not retiring as OVAC scheduler.

50/50 Drawing

Winner – There were two winners each receiving $66. Board share - $66.

Roll Call

There were 67 members and 5 guests present.


A motion was made by Bob Schane, seconded by Josh Strope, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.

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