An Airborne Shooter With A Foul

An airborne shooter has the protection of rule 4.1 which states, “An airborne shooter is a player who has released the ball on a try for goal or has tapped the ball and has not returned to the floor.”

In the following video, the shooter sets up to attempt a 3 point try.  The defender lunges toward the shooter in an attempt to block the shot.  However, is unable to avoid contact before the shooter returns to the floor.  This is an example of a foul on an airborne shooter.

The penalty for a foul on an airborne shooter is the same as any other shooting foul.  In this case, the attempt was successful and there will be one bonus throw.

Now there are some things to say about the mechanics in this video.

First, the center official does a great job of keeping an eye on the shooter up and down and signaling the successful shot.  

Second, and more importantly, both of the other officials recognized that there were players down and came to show an active presence on the play.  This is excellent officiating after the whistle!  This particular game was a first round state tournament game.  It was also a blowout.  Emotions start to run a little crazy in these situations and you have to be ready for anything.  

Officiating the dead ball is as important as officiating the live ball.

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