Back court--Team Control ?? Video at end of Post


ART. 1 . . . A player must not be the first to touch the ball after it has been in team control in the frontcourt, if he/she or a teammate last touched or was touched by the ball in the frontcourt before it went to the backcourt.

Team control exists:

When a player of the team is in control (a player is in control when holding or dribbling a live ball).

When a live ball is being passed among teammates.

During an interrupted dribble.

When the ball is at the disposal of a player for a throw-in.

Team control is lost when one of the following occur:

The ball is in flight during a try or tap for goal.

An opponent secures control (must hold or dribble a live ball).

Often the ball status is not immediately clear.

The question for officials to ask themselves is:

Did the opponent secure control or start dribbling?

Would you grant that team a timeout prior to the foul?

In reviewing the video, #23 White briefly gained Team Control, what ensued was a free-for-all, and the "Last to Touch, First to Touch" does not apply as Red did not regain Team Control. This was not a Back Court violation on Red.

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