Back Court Exception

9-9-1: Exception:

A ball in Team Control of Team A in the front court(Team A is in Team Control when in bounding the ball on both a throw-in where Team A can run the end-line, and when Team A has a spot throw-in) that is deflected by a defensive player, which causes the ball to go into the back court, may be recovered by either team unless the offense was the last to TOUCH the ball before it went into the back court.  If the offense was last to TOUCH the ball in its front court, only the defense can legally recover the basketball. 

An exception was approved to note that any player who was located in the back court may recover a ball that is deflected from the front court by the defense only.

And to add to it even more: this play and how similar they are and are not:

A1 has the ball for an end-line throw-in in his/her front court.

A1’s pass to A2, who is in the front court standing near the division line, is high and deflects off A2’s hand and goes into Team A’s back court.

A2 is then the first to control the ball in Team A’s back court.

RULING: Legal.

There is no back court violation since player control and team control had not yet been established in Team A’s front court before the ball went into Team A’s back court.

The throw-in ends when A2 legally touches the ball, but the back court count does not start until A2 gains control in his/her back court. (4- 12-2, 9-9)

Confused?? It is a rule that needs addressed.

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