Board Minutes 2/16/20

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

February 16, 2020

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Don Giffin at 4:00 pm. As there are numerous issues to discuss President Giffin asked for a motion to change the meeting agenda. Doug Patterson made a motion, seconded by Tim Johnson, to change the meeting agenda as described in the Board By-Laws. Motion approved.

Bob Montgomery introduced Larry Sine, who was presented with a plaque signifying his selection as a Board Honorary Life Member. Mr. Sine was a long time member of the Board with over 40 years experience refereeing numerous tournament games in West Virginia including both boys and girls state tournament games. .

Reading and Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Larry Skrzypek, seconded by Jim Gorder, to approve the minutes of the February 2. 2020 meeting as sent by e-mail. Motion approved.

Play Situations/Rules Interpretation

Interpreter, Don Cash, led the rules discussion that covered various play situations involving players or coaches leaving the bench for unauthorized reasons such as during an on court fight..

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Roger Levi reminded Board members that the first date for Board members to remember for next season is May 1, 2020. This is when Board dues of $40 are payable without penalty. After May 1, dues are $60.

Voting for the top 22 boys and top 22 girls officials in Ohio will be done on-line this year. You may vote for less than 22 in each category but no more than 22. Only Class I officials in Ohio will be voted on. Class II officials may vote but are not eligible to be voted on. Your vote will be submitted to Secretary Levi and the total vote will be automatically tabulated and then sent to the OHSAA. The deadline to vote is March 1. Thanks go out to Matt Hissom, (with help from Wayne Ogilbee), who set up the program for voting on-line,

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the checking account is $3,835.92. This total included two deposits of $23 from the 50/50 drawing at the February 2 meeting and $40 from one 2nd year official training class fee. There were no expenses since the last Board meeting on the 2nd.. The flower fund remains at $500.81

Executive Committee Report

President Giffin reported that at today’s Executive Committee meeting the following were discussed:

1. Lower Level Scheduler, Bob Gable, gave a summary of Lower Level Scheduling for the past basketball season.

2. Booking Secretary, Wayne Ogilbee, gave a summary of JV (reserve) scheduling for the past basketball season.

3. Several members were excused, without penalty, from attending this last mandatory meeting due to their work or illness as permitted by our Board by-laws.

4. Don Cash was appointed by the Executive Committee to be the instructor for the training class for the 2020-21 basketball season.

5. A situation at River High School wherein a coach came into the locker room to criticize an official..

6. Discussion occurred with a Board member who turned back an inordinate number of his scheduled games.

Old Business

Wayne Ogilbee and Secretary Levi read the 3rd reading of the proposed changes, revisions and deletions to the current By-Laws. A brief summary of these include:

  • A new Article on penalty guidelines for the criticism of fellow officials through the use of social media.

  • A new Article describing the procedure for a board official who quits or retires and then wants to be reinstated to the Board.

  • The deletion of the time and date for the last yearly Board meeting.

  • The deletion of the entire Article describing the Board Master Roster.

All the above revisions and deletions were approved by a majority vote of the members in attendance

A copy of the revised By-laws will be e-mailed by Secretary Levi to members before next season.

New Business

  • . Executive Committee member, Bryan Gaus presented the Phil Lewton Official of the Year Award as selected by the Executive Committee to Bruce Young. As part of this selection Mr. Young’s Board dues will be waived for the 2020-21 basketball season.

  • John Ischey of Monroe Central High School was chosen by a vote of the Board membership present for the Athletic Director of the Year Award for 2019-20..

  • Wheeling Park High School was chosen by the Sportsmanship Committee as the Girls Sportsmanship winner for the 2019-20 basketball season.

  • Monroe Central High School was chosen by the Sportsmanship Committee as the Boys Sportsmanship winner for the 2019-20 basketball season.

  • The following were elected by a vote of the Board members present to serve as officers for the 2020-21 season:

President-Elect – Chris Schubert

Executive Committee (3 year term)– Matt Drahos

Interpreter – Don Cash

Booking Secretary – Wayne Ogilbee

Lower Level Scheduler – Bob Gabel

Secretary-Treasurer – Roger Levi

Hold over members of the Executive Committee for 2020-21 are: President – Bob Narrish;

Past President – Don Giffin Executive Committee – Bryan Gaus and Don Hynes.

  • President Giffin thanked Bryan Gaus for all the work he did in making the Board’s mentoring program a success..

  • President Giffin recognized this years retiring Board officials Bob Schane, Jim Gorder, and Jim Totterdale. .

  • President Giffin also recognized this years state tournament officials including:

  1. Matt Hissom – Ohio Boys

  2. Bryan Gaus, Don Cash, and Jason Davis.- WV Boys

  • Assistant OVAC Commissioner, Butch Minkemeyer said he has appointed Don Cash, John Artimez, Bryan Gaus, Don Giffin, Jim Schmidt, and Tom Wilson to observe and evaluate the board’s less experienced officials and also officials from other boards. Three other unnamed Board officials will also do the same.

  • The Board members in attendance voted unanimously to recommend that officials assigned to the WV state tournaments with one group refereeing games on Wednesday and Thursday and another separate group working on Friday. .The finals on Saturday would be refereed by 3 groups selected from the officials on Friday.

50/50 Drawing

Winner – There were two winners Larry Skyzrpek and Roger Levi each receiving $65. Board share - $131.

Roll Call

There were 69 members and 8 guests present.


A motion was made by Bob Schane, seconded by Josh Strope, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. Meeting adjourned.

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