Delay of Game Warning

4-47 – Delay of Game Warning – Know All Four Warnings!

There are 4 delay of game warnings that may be penalized after any other team warning for delay.

Rule 4-47 states, “A warning to a team for delay is an administrative procedure by an official which is recorded in the scorebook by the scorer and reported to the coach:

Art. 1 … For throw-in plane violations

Art. 2 … For huddle by either team and contact with the free thrower

Art. 3 … For interfering with the ball following a goal

Art. 4 … For failure to have the court ready for play following any time-out”

It is important to know the 4 possible violations for delay as they are penalized with a technical foul only after there has been any other warning for delay at some point during the game. 

If a player interferes with the ball following a goal in the 1st quarter, and another player violates the throw-in plane in the 4th quarter, then the penalty for the delay is a technical foul.

The following play a violation of article 3, interfering with the ball following a goal.  If this is the second team violation for delay of game, then the penalty is 2 free throws and the ball at the division line.  If it is the first, the warning is recorded in the book and the coach is informed of the violation.

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