Headbands, Hair Control and Rolled Up Shorts

Headband Clarification (3-5-4b):  Headbands may be no more than 3 inches wide. This rule change is consistent with the width of the headband allowed in volleyball.  A headband is worn around the head or the crown of the head.  The headband must be circular without extensions.  The headband is subject to color restrictions.

“Headbands and wristbands shall be white, black, beige or the predominant color of the jersey and shall be the same color for each item and all participants. They must also be the same color as any sleeve/tights/compressions shorts that are worn” :


1. Any headband or wristband MUST be white, black, beige or the color of the jersey.

2. They must be the same color for all players that wear them. If 3 players wear headbands and 2 players wear wristbands, they must all be the same legal color identified in #1

3. IF wristbands are worn, there can only be 1 wristband on each wrist and it must be worn with no markings, no more than 4 inches wide and worn below the elbow. (Article 4 c of Rule 3-5) 4. IF headbands are worn, it cannot have ‘extensions’ (ties in the back that hang down,Pre-Wrap has to be tied to be worn therefore it is not legal), must be worn on the crown of the head, must be a single solid color as described in #1, and cannot be wider than 4 inches. (Article 4 b of Rule 3-5).

Hair Control Devices (3-5-4d):  Hair control devices are not subject to color restrictions.  A hair control device is worn around the hair.

Team Member’s Equipment (3-5-5):  Added Note:  This note provides states an opportunity to ease the rule on wearing the shorts as intended as long as there is not a conflict with Rule 3-4-5,(Uniform pants/skirts must have only one visisble manufacturer's logo/trademark/reference...Showing multiple manufacturer's logos on the waist band of the pants/skirts makes them illegal} the drawstring or other parts do not cause harm to the wearer or others and the shorts are worn in a manner that parts of the anatomy are not objectionably exposed.  Rolling or folding the shorts at the natural waistband may be allowed.

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