How to Report a Foul, a Refresher

Two-hand Foul Reporting



(Rule 2-9-1 Signals)

The Official will move to the designated reporting area on the floor.

Make sure that you have the attention of the scorer prior to giving the numbers.Indicate the color of the jersey for the player who fouled.

The Official shall report fouls to the scorer by using two hands to display the jersey number of the person who committed the foul.

The official’s right hand will indicate the first digit of the number or the tens and the left hand will indicate the second digit of the number or the ones.

The official shall extend the arms shoulder high towards the table to display the numbers.

The digits of the number should be displayed at the same time.

When reporting, the official shall verbalize the number as twenty-four not two-four.

The scorer will view the number in a left-to-right sequence.

Indicate the type of foul using the proper signal.

If one, two or three free throws are to be attempted, indicate the number of free throws by using one hand.

If the team is in the bonus for the seventh, eight of ninth foul, indicate the bonus situation raising both hands and display a raised index finger on each hand.

If the foul is a team control foul, after the official signals the specific type of foul, the official will turn and signal such with an extended arm, closed fist parallel to the table and side line, indicating no free throws will be attempted.

After reporting and if no free throws are to be attempted, the official will turn from the table and indicate the throw-in spot to resume play.

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