Leaving the Bench Case Book Play (VIDEOS)

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Two plays with players leaving the bench.

What do we do? Hard situation for all involved.

One of the things that are a struggle when sorting out what happened is who actually came off the bench???

It has been suggested that perhaps any bench player be required to wear his/her team's warm up shirt...not a bad idea as witnessed in one of the videos.

A player in the 1st video clearly was not in the game as he was still wearing his warm up shirt. The identified player went in and was a "peacemaker" but still violated the "Leaving the Bench Area" rule and would still be held to the consequences of the rule!



Here is how the players and coaches are held in account for the actions.

4.19.13 SITUATION:

Three substitutes of Team B leave their bench area and come onto the court during a fight or actions that may precede a potential fight.

RULING: The three substitutes are each charged with a flagrant technical foul and are disqualified.

The Team B head coach is also charged indirectly with a technical foul resulting in the loss of coaching-box privileges.

Team A is awarded two free throws plus the ball for a throw-in for this multiple infraction.

Team B is charged with three fouls for reaching the bonus. In addition, the proper fouls are charged and penalties are assessed for the players who were fighting. (10-4-5 Penalty)


SECTION 5 BENCH TECHNICAL The head coach is responsible for his/her own conduct and behavior, as well as substitutes, disqualified team members and all other bench personnel. Bench personnel, including the head coach, shall not: ART. 5 . . . Leave the confines of the bench during a fight or when a fight may occur. NOTE: The head coach may enter the court in the situation where a fight may break out – or has broken out – to prevent the situation from escalating. PENALTY: (Art. 5) Flagrant foul, disqualification of individual offender, but only one technical-foul penalty is administered regardless of the number of offenders. This one foul is also charged indirectly to the head coach. If the head coach is an offender, an additional flagrant technical foul is charged directly to the coach and penalized. When a simultaneous technical foul(s) by opponents occurs, the free throws are not awarded when the penalties offset. NOTE: A single flagrant foul or the second technical foul charged to any bench personnel, other than the head coach, results in disqualification of the offender. A single flagrant foul, the second direct technical foul or the third technical (any combination of direct or indirect) charged to the head coach results in disqualification and ejection. Ejected adult bench personnel shall leave the vicinity (out of sight and sound) of the playing area immediately and are prohibited from any further contact (direct or indirect) with the team during the remainder of the game. Failure to comply with the rules of ejection may result in the game being forfeited.

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