Loose Ball Fouls Are Still Fouls

10-7 – Loose Ball Fouls Are Still Fouls

During the time after a shot, through the rebounding period, and until a player gains control of the ball, a foul is still a foul.

Why is it during these time periods everyone on the court goes crazy just for a few seconds?  The players are all scrambling for the loose ball and suddenly we, as officials, are thrown into a moment of chaos.  Where to look and who to watch seems to all go out the window and our judgement gets cloudy.  We then start second guessing ourselves as we go through this momentary lapse of judgement.  A second too late, we think, “I should have had a whistle on that one!”

On a rebound, you must stay home!  Cover your Primary Coverage Area!  Don’t worry about the transition that may, or may not be, coming.  Give yourself a chance and stay out of the chaos of the loose ball by staying focused on the players in your area.  This way, when you see players on the floor, and one player is on top of the other, with both arms wrapped around them, you blow your whistle!

Sometimes during a loose ball play, we are more lenient about our play calls.  We have to be careful during loose balls because it is during these plays that emotions get heated and players react in ways they may not have reacted on other plays.  

In the following play, if these players were vertical, the official would have blown this automatically, without even having to consider it.  However, for some reason, because they were on the floor, this call was passed on.


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