November 12th Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

November 12, 2019

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Don Giffin at 7:00 pm. President Giffin asked for a motion as described in the Board By-laws to change the meeting agenda. Wyatt Hoffman.made a motion as such, seconded by Mike Stephens, to change the meeting agenda. Motion approved.

Reading and Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Harry Wright, seconded by Joe Hissom, to approve the minutes of the October 29, 2019 meeting as sent by e-mail. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Levi reported the following:

· The window is currently open to take the WV Part I test. The last day to take this test is

Monday, November 18

· The last day to complete the Ohio rules clinic on-line is Thursday, November 21.

· If you are registered in West Virginia, the basketball rules book, case book, hand book, and introductory cards will be passed out at today’s meeting and at future meetings.

· A finalized Board member phone roster will be e-mailed to members in the near future.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the checking account is $4,979.61. Since the last Board meeting, this total included four deposits

· $40 dues for one new member

· $60 for two Board pullovers

· $60 for late dues

· $30 for one board pullover.

There was one expense of $271.60 to Don Cash for 3 years for the newly created board web site.

The Board flower Fund is at $326.56 pending a $35 deposit from the 50/50 drawing at the October 29 Board meeting. There is still one outstanding expense - $88.75 to Roger Levi for a donation paid from his personal credit card to TPS Funding for a board member whose wife recently passed away.


Executive Committee Report

No Executive Committee meetings were held since the last board meeting.

Old Business

Discussion occurred over changing the starting time of the last Board meeting. The meeting time of the last meeting this season cannot be changed from 4 pm as it specifically states in the Board By-Laws that the starting time must be either 4 o 4:30 pm. After further discussion on this issue the first reading of a By-Law change was as follows The entire deletion of Section 2 of Article IX, Meetings and Quorum That reads: The last regular business meeting shall be held on Sunday at 4:00 or 4:30 pm. According to the Board By-Laws, this proposed change in the By-Laws must be read a 2nd time at any other board meeting before the last Board meeting. The proposed change then has to be read a 3rd time at last board meeting and voted on by board members for passage or rejection.

President Giffin read to members the Board Dress Code Policy that is in the Board By-Laws: Article XVI, Section 2. that reads as follows: Dress Code For every game officiated at the JV or Varsity level, each official shall wear to the game venue appropriate attire as determined herein. The Official’s clothing and footwear shall reflect an appearance that is befitting the importance of the game. At a minimum, officials shall not wear tennis shoes, sandals, work boots, or other inappropriate footwear. Furthermore, Officials shall not wear shorts of any kind, t-shirts or ball caps. Every effort shall be made by the Officials to avoid wearing his or her officiating clothing to the game venue, unless an emergency situation dictates otherwise.

New Business

President Giffin said that an anonymous individual wishes to donate a significant amount of money each year to the Boys and Girls Sportsmanship winners. Exact details of this donation have not yet been finalized. A discussion then occurred that since such a significant amount of money is involved, criteria or guidelines must be established to insure that deserving and worthy Sportsmanship winners are selected.

Assistant OVAC Commissioner, Butch Minkemeyer, asked if a summary can be given to him of who works the most lower level games. Bob Gable, the Lower Level Scheduler, said he would send a periodic report as such of officials to Mr. Minkemeyer. Mr. Minkemeyer said he then would use this information when he has to reschedule officials on games. The officials that are helping the Board by refereeing lower level games will get the first crack at working rescheduled games. Hayden Cook asked if he closed dates to watch his son play, would he still be considered to referee rescheduled games. Mr. Minkemeyer then reiterated that those who help the Board by refereeing lower level games will be considered first when games are rescheduled.

JV scheduler, Wayne Ogilbee said that if you turn back a scheduled JV game give the reason why you got off the game. If you get off a game the day of a game - please call him, do not text or e-mail him.

Also, please look at your Arbiter account frequently – accept or decline a game as soon as possible.

Lower Level Scheduler, Bob Gable, said to check your Arbiter scheduled games carefully to see if there are one, two, or three games scheduled that night.

Rules Interpretation

President Giffin led the rules discussion that discussed the following:

checking and completing the scorebook by the 10 minute rules this year, if worn, concerning mouth guards.rules concerning the wearing of head bands and pre-wrapthrowing the ball by the scoring team after a made basket to the official – this should be a delay of game warning

. 50/50 Drawing

Winner – Jim Hood - $44. Board share - $44.

Roll Call

There were 60 members present.


A motion was made by Jim Prati, seconded by Jim Hood, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. .

Next meeting: Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 7:00 pm at Bridgeport High School.

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