November 19.2019 Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

November 19, 2019

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Don Giffin at 7:00 pm. A motion was made by Tim Johnson, seconded by Don Hynes, to change the meeting agenda the rest of the year so that the Play Situations/Rules Interpretation follows New Business. Motion approved.


Reading and Approval of Minutes

A motion was made by Wyatt Hoffman, seconded by Bob Cain, to approve the minutes of the November 12, 2019 meeting as sent by e-mail. Motion approved.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary Roger Levi reported:

For those members registered in West Virginia: the window to take the West Virginia Part II Test on-line will open this coming Monday, November 25. The last day to take this test is Monday, December 9. For those members registered in Ohio, the last day to take the Ohio rules clinic on-line is this coming Thursday, November 21.Items sent by the WVSSAC were distributed to Board members. This included: Rules Book, Case Book, Officials Manual, Introductory Cards, and NFHS Member Card.A finalize phone list along with Board By-Laws were recently e-mailed to members.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the Board’s checking account is $5,163.69. This included three deposits of $44 from the 50/50 drawing at the November 12 meeting, $40 from a Board member for his 2nd year training class fee, and $120 for 4 pullovers @ $30 each. There were no expenses.

The flower fund had one expense - $88.75 to Roger Levi who paid for a donation out of his own personal credit card to TPS funding for a board member whose wife recently passed away. The flower fund is now at $237.81.

Executive Committee Report

The Executive Committee met before today’s meeting. President Giffin reported the Executive Committee has decided the following:

There is still a need for members to volunteer to be mentors for our less experienced officials. Contact Bryan Gaus by this coming Friday if you are interested in being a mentor. The list of mentors and their mentees will be announced at next Tuesday’s board meeting.Don Cash said that Fritz Lewton, father of former board member Phil Lewton, wishes to donate $2,500 a year to the boys and $2,500 to the girls Board Sportsmanship winners. This donation would continue each year for at least 11 years. A discussion occurred over the guidelines and parameters that should be used to determine the Sportsmanship winners. If a Board member has an idea of the criteria that could be used to determine the winners please contact any member of the Sportsmanship Committee. President Giffin appointed Don Cash to chair this committee along with Don Hynes, Roger Levi, Bob Cain, Jim Schmitt, and Bob Montgomery. The decisions of this committee will be final, but the input of Board members and assigners will be paramount in the committee’s decisions. It is tentatively planned that the award would be given out at the winning teams last home game. The OVAC area that would be included and schools that are eligible to win the awards would be decided by the committee. Don Cash will contact the various media outlets to ensure that they publicize these Sportsmanship awards.President Giffen said the Board Flower Fund has been depleted because of recent expenses. The Executive Committee voted unanimously (7 to 0) to deposit 50/50 drawing money into the Flower Fund until the Flower Fund balance reaches a $500 balance. Board member Bob Montgomery then said he would make a personal donation of $262.19 to bring the Flower Fund balance up to $500. A great round of applause then occurred from Board members present in thanks to Mr. Montgomery’s extremely generous donation.A financial representative requested permission to come to a Board meeting. The Executive Committee again voted unanimously (7 to 0) not to allow him to speak at our Board meetings.Logan Massey, a 2nd year official from the Mon Valley Board, requested permission to transfer his membership to the Ohio Valley Board. The Executive Committee again voted unanimously to permit his transfer to our board. This transfer is contingent on his good standing with the Mon Valley Board and the WVSSAC.As there have been numerous changes, additions, and deletions to the Board By-Laws since the were approved in 2010, Wayne Ogilbee and Roger Levi were appointed to be on a committee to bring the Board By-Laws up to date.

. Old Business


New Business

Assistant OVAC Commissioner, Butch Minkemeyer, said to make sure you contact your partners on every varsity game that is assigned to you. There is a $75 fine if you fail to contact your partners and one or both fail to show up for the game.

Booking Secretary, Wayne Ogilbee, said that he and Secretary Levi are working on setting up a system wherein some of the voting at the last Board meeting such as for the top 22 officials can be done by e-mail.

Lower Level Scheduler, Bob Gabel, said

· All Pac-8 games are triple headers.except for Warwood and Wheeling girls

· Monroe Central and River varsity and JV games only will be paid through Arbiter.

· Marshall County schools except for Moundsville Jr. Hi. will also be paying through Arbiter.

· You must state a legitimate reason when you decline an assigned game. If you do not you will be blocked from all games.

Jim Hood commented that Martins Ferry is also paying through Arbiter.

Kelly Fitzsimmons said that the three training sessions offered on Sunday night were excellent source of information for newer officials. President Giffin then thanked Bryan Gaus for organizing these sessions and Bob Narrish, Jim Schmitt, and Tom Wilson for each heading up one of the three sessions.

Training Class Instructor, Don Cash, said the training class has been going well with the members of the training class recently being video-taped while they were officiating. He also reminded members to sign up for the new Board web site.

Play Situations/Rules Interpretation

Don Cash led the Play Situations/Rules Discussion that included:

Pre-wrap is not legal in either state.You most raise your hand when.stopping the clock.It is strongly recommended to have additional insurance in case an incident occurs when you are officiating.14 bullet points were presented on how to respond to coaches. Suggestions were then offered by several veteran members on how to interact with coaches in various situations.

50/50 Drawing

Winner – Jim Schmitt - $42. Board share - $42

Roll Call

58 members and one guest were present.


A motion was made by Jim Hood, seconded by Bryan Gaus, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved. .

Next meeting: Sunday, December 8, at 1 pm at Bridgeport High School

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