October 29th Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting of the Ohio Valley Board of Approved Basketball Officials

October 29, 2019

Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Meeting called to order by President Don Giffin at 7:05 pm.

Reading and Approval of Minutes

.A motion was made by Dennis Boger, seconded by Harry Wright, to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2019 meeting as sent by e-mail .. Motion approved.



Secretary’s Report

Secretary Roger Levi said:

The West Virginia Part I Test will be offered on-line beginning Monday, November 4. A donation of $75 (a total of $88.75 with gratuity and tip) was made to TMC Funding for a board member whose wife recently passed away.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Levi reported that the current balance in the Board’s checking account is $5,061.29 A list of income and expenses since the last meeting on February 17, 2019 was recently e-mailed to Board members. The Board flower fund is $291.56 There is one outstanding bill to be paid, the $88.75 for the recent donation. This donation was made from my personal credit card. Will be reimbursed when my credit card statement is received.

Executive Committee Report

President Giffin reported the following;

· The Executive Committee voted unanimously to spend $480 to pay for the Board’s recently developed Board web site. This fee is for a three-year period. Don Cash then described the procedure to sign up for this web site. This is not a public site It is only for Board members.

· The Executive Committee unanimously appointed President Giffin to oversee Lower Level scheduling.

· Dress properly to and from a varsity game. It is recommended that sweat pants and jeans not be worn to or from a varsity game.

· The procedure for a Board member to advanced to the Board Master Roster will be studied to see if improvements to this process can be made.

· A Board member, Erin Triveri, will go inactive for the 2019-20 basketball season.

Old Business

President Giffen said:

the new OVAC rates for varsity JV, and Lower level games were recently e-mailed to all members. Thanks go out to Bob Narrish and Chris Schubert for the great job they did as Negotiating Team members on this new 4-year contract with the OVAC.The deadline to order a new Board pull-over has been extended to the next Board meeting on November 12.

New Business

President Giffen said it is the Board’s responsibility to train new officials and improve the skills of more experienced officials. In conjunction with that responsibility, Board member, Brysn Gaus has set up training classes for members who want to improve their officiating skills. These cases will be offered at Bridgeport High School at 6 pm on three Sundays – November 3, 10, and 17. All Board members are urged to attend..OVAC Assistant Commissioner , Butch Minkemeyer, said to keep your Arbiter account up-dated. Members who referee Lower Level games will be given precedent when scheduling make-up games and last-minute cancellations.Training Class Instructor Don Cash said there are 11 first year members\in this year’s training class. Also, 5 out of 6 members from last years training class returned for their 2nd year.Jim Hood asked if the last Board meeting starting time could be earlier than 4 pm. Secretary Levi said this 4 pm time is mandated by the Board By-Laws. An amendment to the By-Laws could be made to change the time from 4 pm. Most members present seemed to think the change in time would be a good idea. Lower level Scheduler, Bob Gable said to make sure you check your Arbiter account to see if you are scheduled to referee two or three games.Rule Books, Case Books, and Officiating Manuals from the WVSSAC were distributed to members.


Play Situations/Rules Interpretation

Don Cash led the Rules Discussion that included:

A video from the OHSAA of various play situations was shown. Discussion among Board members then occurred over these play situations.Play situations that were discussed at Ohio Interpreter’s clinic in Columbus including end of game situations involving clock management and last second shot responsibility. Also discussed were play situations recognizing when there is and isn’t team control.If you have a play situation that you are not sure of, do not hesitate to call him about it..

50/50 Drawing

Winner – Will Fish- $35. Board share - $35.

Roll Call

47 members and one guest were present.


A motion was made by Bob Cain, seconded by Mike Pietranton, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved . Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Tuesday. November 12, 2019 at 7 pm at Bridgeport High School.

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