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Details of the Sportsmanship Award...letter sent to the schools...Chris Schubert is tallying the responses...Note, We are recording Unsportsmanlike  "T's" in the criteria, if you have one send it to Chris..Any questions, feel free

Details  (Not all set in stone but real close) of the Phil Lewton Sportsmanship Award announced this morning. I am including both the AD's and HS Principal's on the OVAC website on this email.. .Any question, feel free--DON CASH--724-350-9746



Subject: Phil Lewton Sportsmanship Award Here is a recap of the meeting with Mr. Lewton and the followup meeting with the committee:
We met with Fritz Lewton and he expressed how he wanted the Phil Lewton Sportsmanship Award rewarded at the end of the season. A $2500 grant will be awarded to 1 girl's team and 1 boy's team.
He wanted it to be "Local" teams...so the committee determined that the "Local" teams would be the schools that the Ohio Valley Board assigns the @ the Junior Varsity level (Listed Below)
The Winners will be 1 Girl's team and 1 Boy's team from the list.
The schools would be rated on a 1-5 scale with 1 being best. Behavior and Respect are the most basic criteria. The following will be rated:
Players-Behavior, Respect...All technical fouls will be recorded as part of the criteria when the final winner is determined.
Coaches-Same as Players criteria, but also held to a higher standard as they are the "Adults in the Room". Fans- Behavior, Respect Administration-- Ensuring safety. Directions.Hospitality and general interaction with the crew each evening. Input from the assigners will also be taken into consideration.
Committee Member Chris Schubert is creating a tabulation sheet to be sent to the OVB membership and he will be the point person who will compile the information.
We are asking that each Athletic Director be emailed with the criteria and let them then determine a strategy to improve sportsmanship that would be put in place at their school.
The Committee also determined that it felt to create more impact for future winners of the award, that is should be presented at the OVAC championship Saturday  (If Approved). We are going to ask the winning schools to be present at the games at a time TBD. The thought was that the games are televised, and covered extensively by the local press. The Committee will coordinate with those entities to gain maximum exposure of the PLSA.
Finally, Mr. Lewton and I met with the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley to set up the PLSA in the proper legal form, ensuring that the winners will receive the award in the form of a grant, to be used as they wish for their individual basketball programs and their feeder programs. It is the hope of Mr. Lewton that this inspires others possibly corporate sponsors to contribute to the fund so it lives on in perpetuity.
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