Push On An Airborne Shooter


10-7-6 – Push On An Airborne Shooter

Rule 10-7-6 states, “Contact caused by a defensive player who approaches from behind is pushing….”

There are actually two rules to be applied for this play.

First, is Rule 10-7-6 stated above.  Second, is Rule 4-1, Airborne Shooter.

On this play, White 15 receives a pass from his team mate and makes a good strong move to the basket.  Red 15, contacts him from behind and pushes him up under the basket, causing him to miss a pretty easy shot.

Rule 4-1 states, “An airborne shooter is a player who has released the ball on a try for goal or has tapped the ball and has not returned to the floor.”  Article 2, “The airborne shooter is considered to be in the act of shooting.”

To rule on this play, there is a push and he is an airborne shooter, which should have resulted in two free throws for White 15.  Be aware that it is still an airborne shooter foul even if the push occurs after the release if the player has not yet returned to the floor.

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