Technical Foul @ Intermission

Had a great scenario occur in a recent game...A technical foul was issued to a player after the 2nd quarter ended...What do we do? How do we administer? When do we shoot the shots? Who gets the possession arrow? A lot to process..Here is the Case Book play to address the proper procedure.


At halftime, as the teams, coaches, and officials are making their way through a hallway to the dressing room, a Team A member verbally abuses one of the officials.


A technical foul is charged to the team member and is also charged indirectly to the head coach resulting in the loss of coaching-box privileges.

During intermission all team members are bench personnel and are penalized accordingly.

If the conduct is flagrant, the team member shall be disqualified.

The third quarter will begin with two Team B free throws and the ball awarded at half court.

The alternating-possession arrow is unaffected.

Team A will also have one foul toward the team-foul count. (10-4-1a)

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