Travel Plays (VIDEO)

As most experts in the officiating world opine, The travel call is the call that is missed the most. Here are two plays and in the first is an example of teamwork by a crew. We don't want to miss the obvious call.

Article 5 of the traveling rule states:

A player holding the ball:

a. May not touch the floor with a knee or any other part of the body other than hand or foot.

b. After gaining control while on the floor and touching with other than hand or foot, may not attempt to get up or stand.

So by rule you cannot get up off of one knee, unless you start a dribble from that position.

This was correctly called by the Lead official, he did a great job coming and getting the play. Center should of had a whistle on the play.

Excellent teamwork to get the call right. Remember in the High School game we don't have the benefit of replay, so our "replay" are the other members of the crew.

On the 2nd traveling play, same rule...while the player did stumble, his left heel maintained it's pivot status.

It looked bad but he didn't travel as he kept his established pivot foot intact, as he struggled to maintain his balance.

We sometimes call traveling because it looked "funny" or "bad", "funny and bad" do not always deserve air in the whistle.

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