Watcha got here???

Review this casebook play and make your call

7.1.1 SITUATION D: A1 jumps from inbounds to retrieve an errant pass near a

boundary line. A1 catches the ball while in the air and tosses it back to the court.

A1 lands out of bounds and (a) is the first to touch the ball after returning

inbounds; (b) returns inbounds and immediately dribbles the ball; or (c) picks up

the ball after returning to the court and then begins a dribble. RULING: Legal in

(a) and (b). Illegal in (c) as the controlled toss of the ball to the court by A1 constitutes

the start of a dribble, dribbling a second time after picking up the ball is

an illegal dribble violation. (4-15-5; 4-15-6d; 4-35; 9-5)

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