What if we get wrong information???

What Happens when your partner(s) give you wrong information?

On this play the administering official correctly called an end line violation and his partner stopped play and said a time out had been called before the throw-in was completed.

We are often told if we have 100% knowledge of a situation and our partner(s) come to us, we should immediatley change it based on their information.

As you can see, that was erroneous information!

All members should have input if a ruling is being considered to being changed. If two of the three of you agree, either change it or don't change it. We should make this as quick of a conversation as possible...but we should get it right..We as a crew don't want to convey the impression that we are arguing on the floor.

If you don't have a concensus, most likely you should stay with the original call!

On this play the other official came in and was so adamant that he was correct.

It looks as if the 3rd official didn't have anything to offer to the decision.

The calling official ended the debate and went with what he was offered because of the impression of the crew not being on the same page. Understand that he wasn't happy with this play and probably should not have changed it. But with that said it was he was trying to end the confusion. He got the game moving!

The video shows the calling official was correct! We, as a crew need to get the game moving and that is what the did.

Thankfully it didn't occur in the closing moments of a close game, but as we always say our decisions and calls in the 1st quarter are just important as those made at the end of the game!

We strive to be perfect every single game, but we all know we are not!...But we keep trying and learning from our mistakes is how we get better!

Take a look!


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