Yesterday's "You make the Call" Play

The key component on yesterday's "You make the Call " posting was " Was their a transition in Team Control from Team Red to Team White?"....No, so the play was correctly ruled as Red being in Team Control, as Team Red maintains Team Control during an Interrupted Dribble therefore no Free Throws if you are in the bonus.

Here is a review of Team Control and how it applied to this play:

Team control exists: When a player of the team is in control (a player is in control when holding or dribbling a live ball). When a live ball is being passed among teammates. During an interrupted dribble......THIS OCCURRED When the ball is at the disposal of a player for a throw-in. Team control is lost when one of the following occur: The ball is in flight during a try or tap for goal. An opponent secures control (must hold or dribble a live ball)...THIS DID NOT OCCUR Often the ball status is not immediately clear. The question for officials to ask themselves is: Did the opponent secure control or start dribbling? Would you grant that team a timeout prior to the foul? That usually is a good indicator if the team-control status has changed. If you would never grant the opponent of the team last in control a timeout, the team-control status likely has not changed and remains with the last team (the offense). Unless there was a shot attempt, or the opponent gained control of the ball, team-control status rarely changes in loose-ball situations. Team control is often a factor in ruling on loose-ball plays that result in fouls. These loose-ball fouls can be high impact plays because of the differences in rulings. An incorrect ruling could lead to unmerited free throws being attempted.

Remember you are a team, and it is always OK to get together to discuss the play to get the call right!

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